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How to Safely Dispose of Your Razor Blades

Congratulations! You’ve graduated from using drugstore disposable razor to its classier older sibling, the safety razor. Now that you’ve conquered the learning curve of using it the next question is, what do you do with the blades? If it feels wrong to just throw it into the bin, that’s because it is wrong. Keep on reading to find out how to dispose of razor blades safely and responsibly.

Why Can’t I Throw My Blades in The Trash?

The number one reason to not just toss your blades in the trash is safety. It’s a good bet that you’d like to keep whoever is handling your trash to go without injury, whether that be your family, household members or sanitation employees. Even if you think that there’s no way that those little blades can make it through your rubbish, they will find a way. Do the right thing and ensure everyone’s safety by throwing away your blades properly.

Places to NOT Throw Away Your Blades 

  • In the Trash

  • In The Recycle Bin

  • Thin Plastic Bottles

  • Within a Childs Reach

  • Lidless Containers

  • Blade Banks in the wall

So Where Do I Put Them?

1. Use a Blade Bank (Disposal Case) or Sharps Container

Our #1 recommended option is to use a Blade Bank (Disposal Case) or Sharps Container. A Blade Bank is exactly what it sounds like it would be, a place to put in your blades. Usually a thicker plastic container with a slot on top, you can insert the loose blades into it when you need to dispose of them, just as you would insert coins into a piggy bank. You can purchase a blade disposal case or you can even make one on your own by cutting a slit into the top of an old plastic container. Feel free to use an old piggy bank if you have one lying around as well, but avoid ceramics in case it gets dropped. A Sharps Container is essentially the same thing as a Blade Bank, but made from sturdier material. It is puncture resistant, comes in a very secure lid and what they use to dispose of anything sharp and contaminated at healthcare offices. Some pharmacies give out sharp containers as needed, so feel free to ask around if you’re there. Once the container is full, you can either toss it or drop it off at a disposing center.

You can purchase a Blade Disposal Case Here

2. Individually wrap one blade at a time

The second option is our least favorite, but if you don’t have a blade bank or sharps container on hand you can use this one. Once you remove the blade from your razor, put the loose blade between 2 pieces of thick paper or cardboard and wrap it up with tape until there is no way that it could escape or cut through. Then you can toss it into the trash safely.

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and happy shaving!

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