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How to Get The Closest Shave

In an era where athleisure rules supreme, it seems as though personal style is getting more and more casual. Along with the resurgence of gym shorts as acceptable outing wear also came the rise of beards and stubble. Now don’t get us wrong, the comfort is much appreciated, but we can’t help to get nostalgic for the style times of the past. The beauty of a well maintained rugged beard has its place, but there’s something special about a clean shaven face. In our opinion, there’s little better than taking the time to get a clean shave on a big day where you’re feeling extra spiffy. To get that close of a shave, forget about your electric razor. We know, we know, it's super convenient but to get the closest shave you’re going to have to reach for those traditional shaving tools. Here’s a step by step process on how to get your closet shave yet?

Step 1: Start with A Clean Face

Before you start any type of shaving process, it is important to start with a clean canvas. Be sure to give your face a good wash with warm water and a gentle cleanser, like Zeus Daily Facial Wash with Charcoal. The water temperature will help open your pores and release any bacteria inside that can contribute to razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Shaving inevitably creates microtears in your skin as well and cleaning our face presents bacteria from entering the skin.

Step 2: Exfoliate

When a Razor drags over skin bumps is when you’re likely to suffer from nicks and cuts.If you want the closest shave possible, then be sure to take the extra step to exfoliate your skin. However, if you’re using a physical exfoliator (scrubs) then don't be too rough, and use a more gentle hand. You don’t want to irritate the skin too much since you’re about to go over it with a razor.

Step 3: Use a Pre-Shave Oil

The more steps you take, the more guaranteed it is that you’ll have a smoother shave. A pre-shave oil is applied after washing your face and before putting on before shaving cream. Doing this ensures that your shave will be smoother, and more concise overall. In addition to this it softens the follicles and hydrates the skin. A fan favorite is Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Pre-Shave Oil that contains ten essential oils for glide, moisturizing healing and conditioning. Apply on skin dampened with warm water.

Step 4: Apply Your Shaving Cream

Now it’s time to apply your shaving cream. When doing so, you’d want to apply it in an upward motion. In addition to this, try to find a shaving cream made with quality natural ingredients thatB like Royal Shave Premium Shaving Cream.This will help hydrate the skin, whereas drugstore shaving creams uses fake humectants that may dry out the skin. Think about lifting the root of the hairs instead of laying them down flat as you would with a hair pomade. The more lifted the hair is, the closer the blade can get to the base of the follicle. This helps you get the cleanest shave possible.

Step 5: Make sure your razor is sanitized, sharp and shave with the grain

With the grain against the grain etc. What does this mean? When we say shave with the grain, we mean to shave in the direction that the hair is growing. One way to find out your hair growth direction is to run your hand over your hair. If it runs across smoothly instead of poking against you, that is the direction that the hair is growing. Shaving with the grain greatly reduces the instances of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Don’t forget to rinse the blade in warm water in between strokes to keep it clean. In addition to shaving with the grain, be sure to not press the blade too hard, trust the weight of the razor to do its job. Don’t forget to keep your razor dry and clean after every shave and replace the blade every week or 2 weeks depending on frequency of use. 

Step 6: Use cold water to rinse

Post shave, use a splash of cold water to rinse off all the excess shaving cream. This will help close the pores that the warm water had opened earlier and support a smoother looking appearance. 

Step 7: Apply Aftershave

Aftercare is just as important as prep when it comes to shaving. After you’ve rinsed off your excess shaving cream, apply soothing toner or aftershave. These can be found in the from of a balm, splash or lotion. If you need something that doesn’t sting when you apply, consider a balm. A balm, like Royal Shave’s Aftershave Balm. It’s formula is moisturizing, refreshing and made to protect newly shaven skin. If you have sensitive skin, opt for this instead of drying aftershaves made with alcohol.
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