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Should You Use A Straight Razor or Shavette

If you’re new to wet shaving, it’s likely that you’ve spent some time researching what your best grooming options are. It is almost entirely certain that in your search, the terms “Straight Razor” and “Shavette” have popped up as well. As these tools visually look very similar, you may wonder what they are, what the difference is between the two and what the better choice is for you. 

Here’s a chart of the main differences between the two:

Now that you know the basic differences between the two, lets get down to the nitty gritty. In terms of performance, which one is better:  A straight razor or a shavette? Keep on reading to see us compare the benefits and consequences of each.


Straight Razor benefits:

  1. The longer blade of the straight razor can shave larger areas at once
  2. You can use the weight of the blade to shave easier without pressure.
  3. The handle and the blade balance each others weight
  4. Provides a close comfortable shave by easily beveling on the skin
  5. One blade can last a lifetime if properly maintained
  6. Sustainable and eco-friendly.

If speed and efficiency is your game then you may appreciate the length of a straight razor. Measuring on average between 7-9 cm, a straight razor can cover a wider area and get you smooth faster. Worried about applying too much pressure on the skin? With a straight razor, the weight of the blade takes care of that for you. Usually made from stainless or carbon steel, the blade is hefty enough to apply the proper amount of pressure for you. It is also heavy enough to balance the weight of the handle, ensuring a more secure grip. One of the best points for using a straight razor is sustainability. With proper maintenance, a straight razor can last a lifetime. Saving you do much money on replacing blades or throwing away cheap razors. Cost effective and eco-friendly, it’s easy to see why they’re the preferred choice for many. Royal Shave hosts a collection of straight razors for you to choose from, available here.


Straight Razor Consequences:

  1. Initially they are more costly than shavettes
  2. The blade may require maintenance and upkeep
  3. There may be a longer learning curve with straight razors
  4. It requires other shaving products, like shaving cream/soaps and strops.

There are many things that can deter a person from straight razors. One of them being the initial cost of the razor, which is substantially more than your cheap plastic safety razors. However, with proper maintenance, a quality safety razor can last a lifetime, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. And speaking of maintenance, a straight razor does require a little more TLC than there Shavette sisters. You will need to clean it properly and use it along with shaving creams, shaving soaps, shaving brushes, strops and honing stones to keep it working. An initial investment again, but it is more cost effective in the long term. Finally, the idea of learning how to use a straight razor can be intimidating to many, and they’re not wrong. Using a straight razor requires a learning curve, but it’s nothing a little practice can’t take care of.

Shavette Benefits: 

  1. It requires much less maintenance than a straight razor 
  2. Blades are thinner and generally easier to control
  3. Is smaller in size and compact
  4. Thinner edge and smaller size is ideal for working in more detailed areas
  5. Smaller size ensures you see your skin area more visibly when shaving

Shavettes are the younger sibling of the straight razor. Some people consider them more beginner friendly because it requires less maintenance to keep as all you do is replace blades. They’re lightweight, and smaller which can assist in more detailed grooming, such as mustache or sideburns. More skin visibility can also be attributed to the small blade, which further helps with more detailed shaving.


Shavette Consequences:

  1. Smaller sized blades can only cover small areas at a time, making it less efficient
  2. Less cost efficient because continuing blade replacement
  3. Blades are only good for a few uses.
  4. Blades are noticeably lighter than the handle causing them to vibrate and tug on chin causing possible irritation, razor burn or cuts.

Lightweight doesn’t always mean better. When the blade is too light against the handle of the razor, a phenomenon occurs where the blade vibrates against your face. This in turn can cause razor burns, nicks or cuts.


Breakdown of Cost: 

The initial cost of a straight razor may be daunting, especially in comparison with a shavette. The thing to keep in mind is that while you will need to replace the blades on a shavette all the time, you will only need to maintain a straight razor. Buying new blades every week will add up in the long run. To ensure that your straight razor last you a lifetime, learn what stropping is and how to do it. You can read more about stropping here.


So Which One Is Better?

After laying out the details, it seems that the straight razors have more pros than cons than their shavette sibling. It is more durable, typically higher quality, and is less likely to cause nicks and cuts. Straight razors with proper maintenance are sharper, which assist with a closer shave. Shavettes in turn are made from metal of lesser quality as their blades are disposable. Although there may be a learning curve with straight razors, it is better to start with one to get ahead of the game. Starting out with a shavette will not assist you in learning how to use a straight razor.

All in all, it is ultimately up to  your decision to use either straight razors or shavettes.


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