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What You Need to Start Traditional Wet Shaving

At Royal Shave, we believe that wet shaving is for everyone. From the beginners to the experts, everyone deserves to enjoy the process of traditional wet shaving. The issue lies in that no one ever tells you how and where to begin. Before you start shaving, there are a few key items that you need to complete the job. Keep on reading to find out how to build the perfect wet shaving kit.

Safety Razor

First things first, you want to be sure to invest in quality products, this means not purchasing those cheap disposable razors from the drugstore. Traditional wet shaving should be done with a proper safety razor or straight razor. If you’re just starting out, we recommend choosing a safety razor as it may feel the most familiar to you in your hand. Safety razors can last years with proper maintenance and instead of throwing away plastic every time you shave, all you need to do is replace the blade every so often. It consist of 2 parts, the handle and the head, which is where the blade is kept. What makes it “safe” is that there is a guard within the design to keep you from hurting yourself. 

Click Here to see a wide selection of safety razors to choose from.

Don’t forget your blades! You’re going to have to stock up on these as well. Check out our selection HERE.

Shaving Soap or Cream

The next thing to consider is what shaving lubricant you are going to use. The key to having a smooth and irritation free shave is to use the right product to protect your skin from the blade. Your options are more than likely going to be a Shaving Soap or a Shaving Cream. Shaving soaps are typically a hard soap, whereas shaving cream is a softer substance. You add water to each to create a lather for your face. The important thing to remember is to use high quality shaving product, formulated with natural ingredients. The drugstore shaving gel that comes in a can actually contains chemicals that are harmful to your skin so we strongly recommend you do not use it. Instead choose naturally hydrating product like Royal Shave’s Shaving Soap or Royal Shave’s Premium Shaving Cream that help keep your skin clean and healthy.

Shaving Brush

Now onto the tool you need to apply your shaving product, a shaving brush. You might be asking yourself, is a brush really necessary? A shaving brush is an effective tool for applying shaving product as it doubles as an exfoliator and also lifts the hair at the root, ensuring a closer shave. In traditional shaving, you would use the shaving brush to create a lather in a shaving bowl before applying it to the face. A variety of brushes can be found Here

Barber Towel

A good barber always keeps towels on hand, and for good reason. Towels can perform a number of tasks. This includes being used to prep the face with a hot soak before the shave. This mimics the effect of a hot shower and heps soften the hair, allowing for a smoother shave. Towels are also convenient for cleaning the face and neck after the shave or even wiping a razor in between passes. Choose a towel made from 100% Cotton like Royal Shave’s Barber Towels.

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