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What Ingredients To Look For In Shaving Cream

When we involve things in our daily routine, it’s important to know what we’re using and how it affects us. One thing to consider, is what chemicals come in contact with our skin and what impact it has on our health. One item that is in heavy rotation for both men and women, is shaving cream. Personal care products such as these have a bigger impact on our well being because of the exposure that comes with daily use.

One thing that both shaving enthusiasts and environmentally conscious individuals can both agree on is the horror that is shaving “cream” that comes out of a shaving can. The ingredients found in canned shaving cream are both unnatural and in many ways harmful to consumers.

The lubrication comes from many petroleum based chemicals that actually dry out your skin in the long run instead of hydrating your skin.
Instead of using canned shaving cream, opt for jarred ones that contain natural. Royal Shave’s new Premium Shaving Cream keeps things nice and simple with good for you ingredients.

Coconut Acid

The top ingredient in Royal Shave Premium Shaving Cream, coconut fatty acid is an ingredient rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It has many health benefits when applied topically to the skin including the ability to reduce inflammation for chronic skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and contact dermatitis. If you suffer from acne, coconut oil may help treat inflammation there as well as it has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. What we find most important, is that coconut fatty acid is a great skin moisturizer, and is very effective in hydrating skin with consistent use. This leaves your skin happier and healthier.  Something else to consider, is that when shaving, you create tiny micro tears in the skin. Coconut Oil may help with wound healing by increasing levels of collagen, a protein that assists with the process.


This ingredient is one that you’ve possibly heard of before. Glycerin is typically used as an ingredient that helps with lubrication and smoothness. It’s used in a variety of personal care products and has no known negative effects. Glycerin has many similar properties to coconut oil in that it can increase skin hydration and reduce dryness . It can soften the skin and help treat eczema or psoriasis when applied topically in addition to protecting the skin from harmful microorganisms.

Shop Royal Shave Premium Shaving Cream today and your skin will thank you in the long run.

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What Ingredients To Look For In Shaving Cream

When we involve things in our daily routine, it’s important to know what we’re using and how it affects us. One thing...
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