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How to Shave with Sensitive Skin

So you’ve been told that you have sensitive skin. What does that mean? If you have skin that is easily irritated or prone to turning red, dry or itchy, you may have sensitive skin. Within the realm of wet shaving, sensitive skin may look like dry flakes, ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Rocking the clean shaven look whilst working with sensitive skin can be a challenge, but with the following advice, it doesn’t have to be.

1. Try a Little Steam

As with most shaving routines, it’s best to start with some hot water. You can either hop in the shower or place a hot moist towel on your face for a minimum of 30 seconds. This is beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly, it softens your hair, making it easier to cut and opens up your pores, allowing the razor to pass over the skin more smoothly. The smoother the glide, the less pressure you have to apply while shaving. The less pressure you apply, the less likely you will irritate your skin and cause razor bumps.

2. Always Use a Sharp Blade

The more often you change your blade, the more sharp it stays. Contrary to common thinking, a dull blade causes cuts to happen more frequently than a sharp blade. As you use your blade more frequently, the combined effects of water and pressure can dull its sharp edge. This will eventually make it uneven and blunt, ensuring that pressure to the skin will be distributed unevenly. Imagine a serrated knife dragging across your skin, that is what will happen when you use a dull blade.

3. Avoid Products with A Strong Alcohol Base

Products with a strong alcohol base can have adverse drying effects on the skin. One key factor to irritated skin is dryness, this is why it’s important to maintain hydration. Choosing a shave cream formulated with natural ingredients such as Royal Shave Premium Shaving Cream which is ideal for sensitive skin. Shaving “gels” that come out of can may feel hydrating at first but are loaded with chemicals that ultimately irritate and dry out your skin in the end.

4. Always Go With the Grain

You hear this all the time, but what does it mean? Shaving with the grain means to shave in the direction that your hair is growing. If your hair points down when, shave down. If your hair points up, shave upward. This is the simplest way to cut down on irritation and reduces the chances of getting ingrown hairs. If you’re having trouble finding the grain, a general rule is to shave downward on your face and upward on your neck.

5. Don’t Forget Aftercare

A proper shave doesn’t end with the razor. Practicing proper aftercare is essential to prevent irritation and soothe your skin from the friction of the blade. It’s important that after shaving and rinsing the excess product, you apply a good non-alcohol based aftershave. Try a moisturizing product like Royal Shave Aftershave Balm that’s formulated to protect and heal your skin without all the burn of alcohol. 

6. Last Resort

While we know that beauty is pain, there is a limit to everything. If a clean shave is too irritating to you know matter what you do, consider rocking a different style. Having a closely trimmed beard can look just as nice as clean shaven when maintained. Using a pair of trimming scissors or an electric clipper makes sure you don’t cut the hair right at the surface. No matter what you do, make the choice that’s the best for your skin.

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