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How Often Should I Replace My Razor Blade?

Sometimes it’s a good idea to go back to basics, so here we are to explain to you why you should change your razor blades and how often you should do so. 

The short answer to this question is: it depends.

How long you can go between replacing blades differs upon what type of facial hair you have and how often you shave during the week. The coarser your hair and the more often you shave, the more often you would need to replace your razor blades. The more fine your hair is and the less often you shave, the less often you would need to replace your blades. Easy enough to understand, right? Below you can find a graph that approximates how often you should be replacing your blades based on these two variables.

How many blades would I go through in a year?

1. Coarse Hair

If you have thicker hair and shaving your beard 4-7 days a week, then you will go through about 2 razor blades. This will calculate to about 104 razor blades a year. If you shave 3 days or less, than you should only go through one razor blade totalling to about 54 blades a year.

2. Medium Hair

With medium textured hair, if you are having 4 or more days a week then you will most likely still go through 2 razor blades a week. Again, totalling to 104 blades. As before stated, if shaving 3 days or less you should only use one razor week, equating to 54 razor blades a year.

3. Fine Hair

Hair that is thinner or softer should not require more than one blade a week, even if you shave every single day. Even more, if you shave 3 times or fewer, a single blade can last you about 2 weeks. 

Having trouble deciding if your hair is Fine, Medium or Coarse? The answer can be subjective but searching up images of celebrities with similar beards to find what type of hair you have. Best of luck!

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