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V's Barbershop

546231_10151226299815892_1769337585_n We were lucky enough to get an interview with the master behind V's Barbershop, Jim CEO and Founder, V’s Barbershop shared with us his experience owning a barbershop. 1. Where are you located? We were founded and still headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. We currently have 20 V’s opened in 9 states. 2. When did you start this business? 1999 3. When did you realize you wanted to be a barber? I am not a barber. However, I realized in 1998 that I could not find an authentic, upscale barbershop anywhere in the United States, so I started V’s. 4. Describe a few steps you took to become a barber. We get asked all the time on the best way to become a barber. We suggest that they research barber schools in their area and make sure that the school they choose has a good reputation and is well thought of by the state Barber Board for graduating well trained barbers. We also suggest that if they do not like to communicate with others then not to bother with barber school. Lastly, we have found that those with artistic ability make the best barbers, so we always ask if they can draw and if they can, we encourage them to look into barbering as a profession. 5. How would you deal with a customer who didn't know what they wanted? We train our barbers at V’s to make sure that they and the patron fully understand the cut before they begin. Since we are not a “quick cut” or “chop shop”, we always take as much time as is needed to fully understand the patron’s wishes. 6. Are woman allowed in your barbershop? Yes, and we have many come in with their sons and wait while his hair is cut. Kids are a big part of any successful barbershop and we do our best to make sure that not only do we give our kids our best effort, but also try to make sure that his mom enjoys he wait as well. 7. What are some of your accomplishments as a Barber? We have won literally hundreds of awards through the years. I am most proud of being named “Best Barbershop” by Phoenix Magazine 10 times. This is “the” list to be named to in Phoenix and we have fortunate to have been named so many times. 8. Who are some of your favorite barbers? We have well over 100 barbers throughout all of our shops and many are my favorites. We employ some of the best barbers in the United States and I am proud that any of them can cut my hair. We also perform over 20,000 shaves a year at V’s and with kind of volume and experience, I would put the V’s barbers up against anyone in the world at straight-edge shaving. 9. What do you believe makes a quality hairstyle, cut and groom? Attention to detail and the ability to execute the patron’s desire. In the end, all barbers are the same – the ones that care the most, make the most. 10. What makes your barbershop different to others? V’s started the resurgence of the authentic barbershop in 1999. Almost all of the shops that have popped up since have been influenced by our attention to detail, execution and success. Throughout our existence, we have been well served by never straying from the authenticity of our shops, services or mission. 11. Where do you get your inspiration? Going to the barbershop with my dad when I was a kid and then bringing my son to the barbershop when he was young. 12. What advice do you have for aspiring barbers? Learn that cleanliness, sanitary practice, quality services and saying thank you are key to success. Also, the successful barber realizes that the other barbers in the shop have rent to pay and mouths to feed, so encouraging their success will lead to a better functioning shop and more money for all. 13. Explain what a barbershop means to you. It is a community place for guys where a little show is put on every day and the experience stays with you after you leave the shop. 14. Where can readers find out more about you and your work? Facebook Google V’s Barbershop. V's Barbershop Locations 44 43 15 The-Works-(2) Untitled-1
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