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Dovo Bergischer Lowe 5-8" Full Hollow Carbon Steel Straight Razor - Buffalo Horn

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A truly distinctive razor, the Bergischer Lowe is an involved piece of artistry and efficacy. The 5/8" blade, which doubles as a canvas for reverse gold etching and gold plating along the spine, is secured in a handle fashioned from genuine horn. The natural patterns of the horn ensure a one-of-a-kind finish, hand-polished to perfection by a member of the legendary Dovo family of craftsmen.

Note: Each horn handle will have a unique color tone

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jason Billings
Superior way to shave

I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase. The razor’s plating and print is very clear and beautiful.

Stephen Joseph
Best Straight Razor I ever Used

Shaving is a pleasure with this shave ready razor.. it glides over your skin as it cuts. The Spanish point makes grooming those hard to reach areas a breeze. The hollow grind let’s you hear the sound of a perfect shave. Not to mention the visual appeal of the gorgeous natural bison scales and the 24 karat gold etching. I actually look forward to the act of shaving the next day. I highly recommend this razor to anyone with it without a beard.

Brady Frazer
Holy Thin Behind the Edge

I just received this piece yesterday. First I have to say it arrived very quickly. From CA to NY in two days (three from the day it was ordered) is extremely impressive in my opinion. *disclaimer signature was required for me so if you work during the day plan ahead* I only say that because it just required me to pick it up from the PO directly, no big deal. On to the important stuff, I have to say, I couldn't be happier with the scales that came on my particular piece. I uploaded a few pictures because I think they look great. A little white, a little dark in places, beautiful. I was concerned after reading the other reviews saying they weren't exceptionally happy with the color they received, but I figured I would take my chances and have an open mind to the specific scales I got, it's a natural material and therefore is unique to the piece. Wow. I'm glad I did. They are perfect to me and I am 100% happy with the ones I got and in knowing that they are unlike others out there. On to the shave, I wanted to test out the factory edge as it arrived, so I did some light stropping without putting it on a stone and it shaved well (not perfect I should add, but very well). The grind on the blade is 'oh my god, crazy thin behind the edge' status, passing the hanging hair test with flying colors. After the first shave I ran it on my 10k stone and stropped it much more substantially. I am now very optimistic about the edge after just a little touch up, but haven't needed to use it yet because I just shaved yesterday. The gold plating is a beautiful touch, realistically I understand it's going to chip off a bit over the years, but honestly I'm ok with that. Adds character. Final conclusion is that this is an amazing piece. Beautiful to the eye (or at least it is to me), a clearly amazing work of craftsmanship from dovo by skilled grinders/makers who know how to make an attractive, functional tool for long term use. I pondered the purchase for a while because, well, it's a lot of money. I put aside a bit here and there and I pulled the trigger on it. I am now very proud to own it and kudos to dovo for manufacturing a razor at this caliber and also to Royal Shave for getting it to me so quickly.

Gene D.
Not what you think you going to get

What made me want the blade was the color of the handle.
Well my blade came in and it was black.
They say thats the luck of the draw.
Well thats not how you do business.

Steven H.

This thing is so sharp! I love the design and the handle is gorgeous. I got a similar color to the one in the photo and it just matches so perfectly. I thought it was a little expensive and it was one of the only ones left, so I bought it anyways. But a happy purchase!

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