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Merkur 46C Travel Safety Razor with Leather Case - Satin Chrome Finish

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The Merkur 46C is a brand new addition to Merkur's line of safety razors. The travel razor has a 4-piece design with a brushed satin finished handle that breaks down in two parts for proper storage. The 2-piece head is a Merkur classic and allows for a smooth and comfortable shave. The convenient travel safety razor comes in a gorgeous black leather case with a 10 pack of Merkur blades.

Customer Reviews

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Chris A.
Extremely light. Real space saver.

Extremely light. Real space saver.

John H.

You can easily pay more for this razor and this case. You can get this razor with a cheaper less well made case. Royal Shave had the best price for this razor/case travel combination.

Jeff V.
Christmas Gift

It was a gift for our son. He requested it,

K S Holder
Outstanding Travel Razor

Well, I got my travel razor and thought I should give it a test run prior to hitting the road. Here are my thoughts:

I normally shave with a Merkur 38 HD Classic Barber Pole Long Handle
AoS pre shave oil, cream and after shave balm
Personna lab blue blades
AoS fine badger brush

For this test, the razor is the only thing I changed out.

- Beautiful shave. Very smooth and no nicks, cuts or other problems.
- Comfortable shave.
- Handle is long enough to easily maneuver the razor.
- Nice razor to look at.
- The case is first rate and perfectly tailored to the razor so that it all folds very flat.

- The handle of the razor could use some texture for grip. It looks great, but can get slippery in wet, soapy hands.
- Needs a blade safe. The kit comes with a pack of blades, but if you buy your blades in bulk packs, they will only have a paper wrapper. For a travel kit of this quality/price, I would prefer a blade safe. It could be metal or plastic, but a blade safe would be far more versatile than the blade pack provided.

- This is a con but it is a caveat. To get the functionality of the razor for travel purposes, you can only fully tighten/loosen the head to the handle by putting your fingers on the sides of the head. If you are not careful, you could easily cut your fingers. There is room to work safely here, but you must have your head in the game.

Overall Impression – I am very pleased with my new travel razor and would highly recommend it to others who travel and use a DE razor. It is also mild enough to be a good starter razor for someone who is interested in starting to use a DE razor.

Harvey Shapiro
Razor Analyst

This is so cool.For only $21.00 over the price of the original travel razor you get a beautiful leather case and a wonderful new style handle (2 piece) which all fit together like a Porsche. Really nice...handle does fit other razors if you want but this is a travellers of the line and very well made. For me a wonderful gift item..but i,m keeping this one for myself!!!!!

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