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Dovo Shavette Straight Razor - Matte Black Plastic

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SKU: 405-091-03
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The Dovo Shavette is a convenient and affordable way to get started with straight razor shaving. It's also great for traveling and barbershops or stylists. The razor holds plastic inserts which house the disposable blades. This Shavette includes one clear insert and one black insert.

Clear Insert: Uses standard double edge blades which are snapped in half thereby doubling the economy factor.

Black Insert: Uses a special long double edge blade which is preferred for long term shaving.

Customer Reviews

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Lennin L.
Its good.

Its good.

Inexpensive and Well Built

Great razor. I, like many others, did not want to dish out possibly hundreds of dollars on a new traditional straight razor. Nor do I have the time to strop and hone it, so I decided on this as the next best thing. I heard mixed reviews about it, some saying it was of poor quality. I took the risk and it's simply not true, many of it is made of plastic but in a razor like this I believe that is beneficial because it is not going to rust no matter what and it is very sturdy. I would however recommend that you treat the inserts with care because it is possible to break them with enough force.

Randy R.
Great construction however accessory components such as the blade do not fit the razor

The large blade fit perfectly and does an excellent job however the two smaller blades do not line up with the grooves

Lawrence Stewart
Cheap, effective training tool or everyday option

I wanted to give shaving with a straight razor a try and was apprehensive about spending lots of money on a good straight and all the trimmings, only to find I wasn't cut out for it. I saw mixed opions online about this product and decided it was the most economical way to try out a traditional shave and worth the $30 bucks. Plus, unlike a traditional straight, if you don't like the edge of a blade in the shavette you can just put a fresh one in or try a new brand altogether.

I've been at it for a little more than a month and am now able to use the shavette about as well as my old mach 3, using the dovo black insert blades. Still perfecting my technique and getting occasional razor burn from holding the razor angle too steep, but I am not disappointed with the purchase. It can be a bit of a pain to clean, but no more than keeping up a traditional straight (stopping, oil, paste for the strop, etc...). I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to try out a traditional shave, but not willing to drop bigger money right away for the traditional tools.

Great little piece of equipment

I got one of these for Christmas to learn how to shave with a straight razor before I invest the time and $$ into a "real" straight razor. I've been using it daily and have no complaints about it yet. The only thing I would like is if it came with the black and green inserts for longer blades to more closely mimic shaving with a "real" SR.

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