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Why You Need To Use Shaving Cream

It’s happened to everyone. You’re ready to shave, you get your razor out and then OH NO, you’re out of shaving cream! Do you shave dry? Maybe with water? How about soap? The team at Royal Shave is here to answer all your questions. Let’s go back to basics.

Should You Not Use Shaving Cream?

The simple answer is no, you should not shave without having shaving cream on hand. Although it may look like one, shaving cream is not just another soap product. Shaving cream is different from soaps in that it also acts as a moisturizing barrier between your skin and your razor of choice. A quality shaving cream will lubricate the surface of your skin so that your razor can glide easily across, ensuring you have a close, smooth, razor burn free shave. In addition to this, using shaving cream decreases the risks of your skin suffering from redness, nicks, cuts and overall skin irritation. 

What Type of Shaving Cream Should I use?

You would be wrong to think that all shaving cream is created equal. Just like everything else in existence, there are good shaving creams and bad shaving creams. To put simply, the shaving foam that comes in a can you find in the medicine cabinet is typically more harmful than traditional shaving creams. This type of shaving foam usually contains soap and alcohol that actually dry out the skin instead of moisturizing it. Foams of this style can also contain artificial lubricants that actually dry out your skin over time and make you look older. Between the  phthalates, glycols, solvents, artificial fragrances and other harmful chemicals there are plenty of reasons not to choose the canned option. In conjunction with the tiny microscopic tears that happen naturally when you shave, these chemicals have potential to reach your bloodstream directly.


Why Should You Use Shaving Cream with Natural Ingredients?

As we mentioned before, when you shave you create small microscopic tears in your skin. These tears allow whatever you put on the skin to enter your bloodstream more quickly and be absorbed. With this in mind, it is better to to use a shaving cream with natural ingredients. 

Royal Shave’s Premium Shaving Cream is an excellent choice for your grooming needs. Formulated with glycerin to provide stability and consistency for each lather, it also hydrates the top layers of the skin. Coconut acid is included to provide a gentle cleansing element while balancing skins natural oils. This premium shaving cream comes in a sandalwood fragrance, that combines the soft smell of leather with sweet, creamy tones.


In Conclusion: Is Shaving Cream Necessary?

Can you still shave your face without shaving cream? Sure. Would it more than likely leave you with irritation, razor burn, ingrown hairs, knicks and cuts? More than likely. Using a natural shaving cream is the best way to provide a protective barrier and get the smoothest, closest shave.

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