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What is After Shave Balm and How to Use it?

You know that one scene in Home Alone? When Kevin, after shaving his face, slaps on some after shave and yelps in pain? Yeah, every man who’s ever shaved in his life knows that this scenario is less than ideal. If this is the exact situation you want to avoid, we’re here to tell you about the product to use in place of traditional after shave: Aftershave Balm

What is Aftershave Balm? Why Would I need one?

Aftershave balms and lotions are formulated to help soothe inflamed skin and assist the recovery process after shaving. When you shave, you create micro tears in the skin that need treatment or they may be susceptible to redness or infection. Quality balms may contain ingredients that have antiseptic qualities such as traditional aftershaves, but do not contain or have a lower percentage alcohol base that can sting sensitive skin after a shave. Instead they have a richer, more moisturizing consistency, designed to hydrate and soothe the skin. If skin irritation is something you struggle with post shave, then a balm might be the answer for you.

Aftershave Balm or Lotion? What’s the difference?

There is a good reason why After Shave Balm and Lotion differentiate from one another. Moisturizer often only intends to hydrate and soften the surface of your skin. In contrast to this After Shave Balm is more likely to assist in the skin healing process and have slight antiseptic properties as well. This is why it is worth it to invest in the different items.

How and When to Use a Shaving Balm? 

If you’re looking for the smoothest shave routine with no issues, there are a few products you may need to incorporate into it. 

  1. After shaving your face, rinse off your shaving cream off first with warm water. Using warm water gives a deeper clean and ensures you get all the excess product off.
  2. Splash your face with cold water afterwards. This will help to close your pores minimizing their appearance.
  3. Pat your face dry with a towel, but avoid rubbing it to prevent irritation. While your face is mostly dry, but still a little damp is when you want to apply your product. If you g=have any open nicks or cuts, we recommend using a styptic pencil or alum pen to relieve the bleeding. A product like Royal Shave Alum Pen does wonders to help correct a shaving mistake. 
  4. Take your after shave balm of choice and apply the suggested amount onto the freshly shaven area. Massage thoroughly into the skin. The balm should be thick, but not too think where it ends up feeling overly greasy.

Which Aftershave Balm Should I Choose?

When shopping for a quality after shave balm, look for one formulated with glycerin to assist in hydration. Royal Shave Aftershave Balm contains this in addition to stearic acid, which helps protect sensitive skin. Creamy enough to hydrate while thin enough to absorb quickly, this aftershave balm contains a soft Sandalwood scent that delivers deep woodsy notes with a hint of leather and sweetness.

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