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Proraso Shaving Cream, Menthol and Eucalyptus

HR_423-019-00_proraso-green-shaving-cream-menthol-eucalyptus A product review is an extremely important part of shopping for a product. We at Royal Shave want to share the reviews and comments from our fellow customers about this product so you get the core response towards this product and can make a decision for yourself whether or not you should buy this shaving cream and/or buy this brand. Proraso is "A brand that evokes a piece of Italian history " and this is what our customers have to say about it: Tim in VA (Suffolk, VA) "I don't mind paying for premium products as long as the quality strikes me as being exceptional. But when you get an exceptional product for a middle-of-the-line price, you've got yourself a winner. Proraso in a tube is worth having in your line-up. I am impressed by the thick lather and slick consistency, but also the clean finish. The scent is pleasant and low-key." Steve (Austin, Texas) "This was my first experience with tube shaving creams. I was completely amazed at the blast of menthol I felt on my face. This product is much slicker than any canned product I've used in the past. Add the blast of menthol to the massage from my badger brush and WOW, my face has never felt so alive, following a shave." KMcGovern (Twinsburg, OH) "Nothing a whole lot new to add; you can't beat this stuff at any price. It's nearly the same as the C. O Bigelow, which may be the Old Formula and just a tad thicker, but it is the best darn shaving cream I have ever used in over forty years of shaving. Just follow the directions on all the shaving blogs and you're good to go. First time I used it with a Fusion, I thought I'd gone to a barber shop; it was an unbelievable difference. Imagine going from a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle to a 2012 BMW 338i. Same level of improvement here, no kidding! I use it with the Proraso Pre-Shave Balm and while I can't say for certain the balm makes a big improvement as designed, I can tell you it is the best post-shave balm you'll find!. Maybe Proraso's After-Shave Balm is good as well, but with this cream, you're entering a whole new level of comfort & performance. So happy I've gone to DE with it: my morning shave is now a spa treatment! Buy with confidence, this stuff works as advertised!" LM (Kansas City, Missouri) "There is a reason some things are around forever and this is one of the prime examples. You can spend a whole lot more money but, you can't get a better product. Easy on the skin and a fantastic traditional aroma. Pair it up with the aftershave balm and you're ready to start your day in a great mood." If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to ask or comment below. We want your shaving experience to be just as amazing as the above reviews. You can read more review about this product at


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