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Shaving Cream vs. Shaving Soap: What is the difference?

The secret to the closest shave lies all in the preparation. What products you use and how you use them make the biggest difference between a successful shave of a regretful one. With that being said, how do you choose which product to use? Here we’ve laid out some of the basic differences between shaving cream and shaving soap, so you can decide for yourself what works for you.

Shaving Cream

  • Quicker Lather: the formula of shaving cream naturally holds more moisture and is easily lifted by brushes from the container. Satisfying if you are in a rush, it’s as easy as a dip and lather and you’re good to go.
  • More Moisturizing: shaving cream tends to stay hydrated on the skin longer.
  • Can be prone to overuse. Due to the texture, people tend to use too much shaving cream. This clogs the razor and waste your product.
  • Be conservative with your product at first and use a vigorous motion while dropping water in slowly to create the the consistency of whipped cream before layering on your face.

Shaving Soap

  • Slower Lather: shaving soaps are harder in texture and take a little bit more work to pick up the product on the brush.
  • Usually provide a more robust lubricating layer than shaving creams.
  • Scents can be less potent, if you’re sensitive to fragrances.
  • Longer lasting than shaving creams, usually 2-3 times longer.
  • Build the lather up on your skin, instead of a bowl.

So there you have it folks, the differences between shaving cream and shaving soap. In terms of which one is better, there really is no right or wrong. It all comes down to preference. We suggest trying both types or products out there and seeing which one works best for you. Royal Shave has both a shaving cream and a shaving soap that are great options for a smooth shave. Their Premium Shaving Cream allows you to achieve a close, comfortable shave every time with the help of glycerin and coconut acid.

Royal Shave Shaving Soap in turn uses shea butter and coconut oil to nourish and hydrate the skin.


Good luck and happy shaving!


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