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Interview: Mr King’s

Mr King's Headshot Mr King’s Instagram posts are of the kind that adds a bit of cheer and whimsy to your feed. Some days, he’s at the Wessex Beardsmen competition sporting his signature Dali moustache; other days, he’s heading to a beer festival in a kitschy purple wig. And then there are the posts of his adorable little kids – the Mr King brood. We’ve been carrying Mr King’s Royal Oil and Moustache Wax for a while now, and wanted to delve a little deeper behind the man and his Reading, UK-based line of men’s grooming products. Read on for our interview with Johnny King (aka Mr King). We discuss the story behind the naming of his regal brand, his humble start on eBay, and his advice for entrepreneurs. Oil Where are you located? Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom. When and why did you start this business? April 2012. I started making moustache wax as I couldn’t get on with the various different brands I had tried. Some of them were too hard to extract from the tin, others didn’t hold for long enough. I wanted a wax that would be easy to apply, hold all day long, and stay waterproof but wash out with ease. I also didn’t want anything with an overpowering scent under my nose. As time went on and the beard became very popular, I decided that it was time to develop a beard oil. How did you come up with the name of your company? That was easy. My surname is King and the word “marvelous” sounds nice with “moustache.” So I decided on Mr King’s Marvellous Moustache Wax. When naming my beard oil I wanted to keep with the royal theme. Since “royal” rhymes with “oil,” there it was…. Royal Oil. Mr King’s Royal Oil. What inspires you? Other brands that have been doing this longer then me. They drive me to try and make my brand bigger and better. Moustache-Wax Moustache-Wax-and-Royal-Oil What are some of your accomplishments as a business? Actually selling my products is an accomplishment. When I first made the wax, I never thought I would make a name for myself or even sell many tins, let alone have a website. When I started I only used eBay. Three years on, and I’m selling the wax and beard oil via my website and on a wholesale level. What do you believe makes a quality product? I believe that if you have put in enough time and effort to make your product it will have quality. I don’t think that my brand is very popular (compared to some), but I know that I have top-quality products. I use the best ingredients that are all natural and sourced from the UK. They are handmade with love and care by myself. I try and test every batch I make to ensure that they are the best products available. What is one Mr King’s product every man should own and why? I would have to say that every man with facial hair should own my Moustache Wax. You never know who you will bump into, so looking your best is a must. What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs? Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing - keep doing what you’re doing and stick with it. What do you have coming from Mr King’s in the near future? I don’t want to give too much away, but there will be some new products online soon. Where can readers find out more about your company? You can see the everyday goings-on of Mr King on: Website: Facebook: MrKingsWax Instagram: @mrkingswax Twitter: @mrkingswax You can shop for Mr King's products at RoyalShave and our brother site, TheStache. Mr King's Beard Competition Untitled-1
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