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Father's Day Gifts That Will Make Your Dad's Face Look Great

As May comes to an end, Father's Day is creeping up right around the corner. However, if "Father's Day gifts" is still an item on your shopping list, fear not. On June 16, we suggest making your Father's Day gifts all about putting your dad's best face forward. Here at Royal Shave, we know that your dad's face is one of his best assets. After all, it's what housed that big smile he donned at your various baseball games, awards ceremonies and graduations.
Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts Photo via Tyler Bolken from Flickr
It's clear that dad has always been your biggest supporter. This Father's Day, it's time to give back to the man who loves you most. Listed below are Father's Day gifts that will leave your dad's face feeling great and be sure to bring another smile to his face.

Products for his teeth

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts
Photo via Tumisu from Pixabay
Like we mentioned, your dad's teeth are definitely one of the most important parts of his face. To keep those whites pearly, introduce him to the world of luxury dental care. Yes, there are toothpastes outside of the Crests and Colgates of the world. Consider Father's Day gifts like the DR Harris Spearmint Toothpaste and the Travel Size Marvis Toothpaste.
Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts
Free of fluoride, DR Harris Spearmint Toothpaste will give your dad's teeth a luxurious upgrade. The formula mixes spearmint with aloe vera for a refreshing dental experience. Aloe vera is a useful dental tool because it breaks down harmful bacteria that lurks in the mouth and causes disease. Unfortunately, age can also take a toll on teeth so this is an especially useful Father's Day gift for older dads. After all, a lifetime of chewing, grinding and biting definitely wears down tooth enamel. It's also just as effective as drugstore brands at keeping away cavities while offering a soothing feeling for the teeth and gums.
Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts
On the other hand, if your dad travels for business often, having a powerful travel size toothpaste will keep him looking and feeling his best on the road. Marvis toothpaste tingles on your teeth while skillfully fighting off plaque and tartar, leaving behind a sparkling smile. That means your dad will no longer have to feel that uncomfortable film on the outside of his teeth or notice left-behind yellow stains.

Products for shaving his face

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts
Whether your dad rocks a beard or keeps it clean-shaven, having proper shaving and trimming tools is important. When it comes to Father's Day gifts, focus on revamping your dad's facial hair routine to help keep his skin healthy and face feeling fresh. Luckily, as a Father's Day bonus, select shaving sets are on sale for 30 percent off. Check out the Kensington Boar Bristle Shaving Set and the Royal Shave 34C HD Shaving Set.
Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts
The Kensington Boar Shaving Brush and Kensington Classic Safety Razer uses stiff boar bristles for a rich lather and exfoliation application. Boar bristles are effective when it comes to shaving because they are soft and flexible, which keeps them gentle on sensitive skin. Also included in the set, the Kensington Classic Safety Razor is a 3-piece razor that accomplishes a sharp shave without trading away smoothness or comfort. Imported from Germany, the Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Blades stay sharp throughout a week of shaving.
Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts
The Royal Shave 47C HD Shaving Set features the classic Merkur 47C Safety Razor. It's popular for having a heavy handle that allows the weight of the razor to do the shaving. Also included in the set is the Royal Shave PB2 Shaving Brush, made from silver-tip badger bristles. Silver-tip badger bristles are considered the best and rarest badger bristles, known for high water retention capacity that makes lather quick and easy. The other tools and finishes in the set create the barbershop experience from the comfort of your dad's home. For example, the dome-shaped body makes for the ideal comfortable grip. The razor and shaving brush also come with a chrome stand for easy storage. Lastly, a styptic pen, barber towel and Royal Shave Lemon Sandalwood Soap packaged in an elegant ceramic bowl add safety, luxury and relaxation.

Products for his hair

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts
Photo via Zack Beardoholic from Flickr
Your dad's face doesn't stop at his hairline. The bristles on his scalp deserve some love too. When it comes to Father's Day gifts, consider adding some high-end products to your dad's shower routine. The trick to finding the perfect shampoo and conditioner is tailoring it to his lifestyle, environment and hair type. If your dad is an active or athletic person, the Italian-made Acca Kappa Shampoo and Shower Gel is ideal. Its gel formula acts as a refreshing cleanser against oil and a moisturizer for dry ends. Being active also usually entails extra time in the sun. This can cause sweat build-up and an oily scalp or dry, damaged ends from too much heat exposure. That's where the Billy Jealousy Cashmere Coat Hair Strengthening Conditioner comes in. Winner of Men's Health Best Conditioner Award, the formula promotes healthy hair growth and heals a damaged scalp.
Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts
If your dad is a little older and going grey, the Floid Shampoo For Grey Hair is ideal for his hair care needs. It's formulated to reduce the yellowing of grey or white hair and keep your dad looking like the sleek silver fox that he is. Hair on older men can also start to get thin and brittle. When it comes to conditioner, nourishing your dad's strands is necessary.
Now that you have your complete list of Father's Day gifts options, your mid-month June holiday will be a breeze. And to all the fathers out there, Royal Shave wishes you a very Happy Father's Day!
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