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Basics of Safety Razors

 Classic: These are the most common razors as they tend to be more mild and easier to use than the others. These razors are great for beginners and experts, alike. The aggressiveness depends mostly on the angle of your shave. Edwin Jagger DE89L and Merkur 34C
 Adjustable: There are only a handful of adjustable razors and are very high in demand. These razors have a dial that can be adjusted to expose more or less of the blade's cutting edge to allow for very mild or very close shaves.  Merkur Progress and Merkur Futur
 Open Comb or Slant: Both varieties are recommended for shavers that have thick, coarse beards and are already comfortable with using a safety razor. More of the blade is exposed and less pressure is required while shaving. Consequently, these tend to be more aggressive than the other types.  Merkur 25C and Muhle R41
 Twist to Turn or Butterfly: Twist to Turn Razors (or TTO for short) are one-piece razors that have a twist mechanism that opens up the head to change blades. These range from mild to medium aggressiveness.  Parker 99R and Timor Butterfly


Plated: Most razors have some type of plating whether it be chrome or nickel. It is common to have some type of metal core with plating because it is both inexpensive and effective against rust. Chrome plated razors have more of a white look while nickel could be seen as a tad yellow-ish. The Merkur 33C is a chrome plated razor, while the Parker 60R is nickel-plated.

Knurled: Knurling refers to different textures and patterns on a razor's handle. Some suggest that knurling adds better grip while handling a razor. The most common type of knurling includes a lined handle as seen with the Edwin Jagger DE89L. Other types of knurling include the textured Merkur 34C or the more detailed knurling of the Merkur 42C patterned after the classic 1904 Gillette.

Long or Short: The length of a handle should depend on the user's comfort level. Shavers with large hands generally prefer longer handles for a better grip. Although generally, longer handles tend to be more slender. An example of a long handled razor is the Merkur 20C

Wood or Horn: Wood and horn handles in no way effect the performance of a shave. They are seen as exclusive and valuable because of their rarity. Due to the nature of the materials, no two razors will be an exact match. We recommend taking extra care of these razors to avoid cracked or warped handles.

Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel razors have recently gained in popularity due to the Feather AS-D2 and Pils 101NE. These razors are usually constructed of solid stainless steel and do not rust, but we do recommend using only stainless steel blades and thorough cleanings.


Most modern safety razor blades are one-shape-fits-all. The majority of razor blades are stainless steel with coating such as Platinum or Chrome to make them more comfortable for sensitive skin. Each individual will react differently to different brands and types of blades depending on skin type and technique. The best way to find out which blade is best for your skin and technique is to simply try as many as possible. We recommend investing in a Multipack of Blades to find out which brand works best for you.

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