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Learning About Your Hair

Taking care of your hair does not necessarily mean buying the fanciest, most expensive stuff you can get your hands on. Of course you want a good quality brand but the most important first step is knowing what type of hair you have and what care it needs. There are several hair types. Sometimes the state of your hair can be due to harsh environments, inheritance, diet, or overuse of the wrong kind of product. If you buy products made specifically for your hair type, this will enhance its look and maintain scalp and hair health. Once you have determined the type of hair you have, finding the right products for you becomes easier.

Normal Hair
About 80% of the population falls under this category. This means they don’t have too much oil build up and don’t deal with brittle, dry hair. Products for “normal/regular” hair are for you.
Dry/Damaged Hair
This type of hair can be naturally dry or damaged from over processing with chemical (color, straightening, bleaching etc). Feels rough to the touch, is fragile and breaks easily. Use products free of alcohol and that are “enriching” and “moisturizing”
Oily Hair
Hair is greasy looking and feeling. The scalp is producing too much natural sebum. Avoid using creams and serums, use shampoo and conditioner for “Oily/Greasy Hair”
Thick Hair
An abundance of heavy hair, often “big” looking. Avoid volume adding or root boost products and use lightweight styling ones in sparing amounts.
Fine/Thin Hair
Seems limp and lifeless. Use products with volume adding ingredients, mainly protein based. Also those that are “fortifying” help boost at the roots for added volume. Do not overuse styling products; will weight it down. It is also recommended to only shampoo every other day without conditioner.
Wild/Unruly Hair
Also known as “frizzy”. Use any smoothing and “frizz control” products. Serums and creams also help the styling process as a finishing touch.

*Although colored hair and dandruff is not necessarily a hair type; there are products that are geared specifically for these conditions as well

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