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How to Lather

Bowl Lathering

This is the most common way to create a lather:
  • Soak your shaving brush for at least 15 seconds, depending on which type of shaving brush you have. Traditionally, silvertip brushes requires less time while pure badger brushes should be soaked for about a minute.
  • Squeeze the water from the shaving brush and give it a good shake to get off excess water (the brush should still be damp, but not dripping water)
  • If using a shaving soap,
    • Add a teaspoon of warm water directly onto the soap
    • Get the surface of the soap wet and pour the remaining water into your separate shaving bowl
    • Work the brush onto the soap (this should result in clumps of shaving soap on the brush)
    • Place the shaving soap puck aside as the rest of the lathering will happen in the shaving bowl
  • If using a shaving cream,
    • You can either scoop a small dollop of shaving cream and place it into the bowl, or take your shaving brush and just dab it into your tub of shaving cream
    • If possible, warm your shaving bowl by rinsing it under hot water for a few seconds (or use a shaving scuttle)
  • Now swirl the shaving brush in the bowl repeatedly (it will take anywhere between 10-30 swirls depending on your shaving product)
  • Add a teaspoon of warm/hot water to your shaving bowl if you do not see your lathering growing larger with continual swirls.
  • Use the shaving brush to apply the lather directly on the face

Face Lathering

Some people prefer to lather directly on the face for convenience and to get a better feel for the product.
  • We recommend using a shaving cream or shaving stick for face lathering
  • If using a shaving stick, wet the stick and apply it all around your beard and mustache
  • If using a shaving cream, scoop a nickel sized dollop and apply it directly to your face using your hands.
    • Apply until a white film covers your face (apply thin enough that you can see see through it)
  • Soak the shaving brush in warm water and shake it out a few times get rid of excess water (Soaking should take anywhere between 15 seconds to one minute)
  • Make circular swirling motions directly on the face until the product turns completely white and you're unable to see through it
  • Note: Face lathering needs to be done relatively quickly because the shaving product and shaving brush will cool down and won't create such an abundant lather

Hand Lathering

This method can be used similarly to the bowl lathering method. The disadvantage is that you won't have a free hand and containing the lather is limited to the surface area of your palm
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