Geo F. Trumper Hard Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl

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Scent Sandalwood

  • Glycerin-based to prevent nicks

  • Great for sensitive skin

  • Includes a hand-turned wooden bowl for lathering

  • Available in 5 distinct scents: Rose, Almond, Lime, Sandalwood and Eucris

  • Weight: 2.5 oz. / 80 g | Diameter: 3.25 in. | Base Ingredient: Glycerin
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Steven N.
    Geo F. Trumper Hard Shaving Soap in Wooden

    I love the smell and the shave, but the lather disappears after applying.

    Brian Hilbun
    Wonderful Experience

    Royal Shave is a legitimate enterprise! The soaps arrived very quickly and at a reasonable rate. I plan on being a repeat customer for hopefully many years to come. Thanks!

    A shadow of the former product's self

    This is a very disappointing product. The soap smells terrific and the lather is slick, but it falls apart after just a few minutes on my face. I can get a thick and creamy lather from it, but large bubbles begin to form immediately, and the lather dissipates withing minutes. I've tried blooming the puck. I've tried using it un-bloomed. I've tried it with a wet brush. I've tried it with a barely damp brush. I've tried cold water. I've tried hot water. I've tried warm water. I've tried distilled water. Each time the results are the same.

    I really wanted to like this soap. For about 10 years, Geo F Trumper coconut was my exclusive shaving soap. It was an excellent product. But the last time I refilled my stock, maybe three years ago, the shave wasn't the same. I started using brush-less cream just water, rather than fighting with the GFT. I eventually just threw out the soap earlier this year. But, the promise of a new scent lured me back when I saw a good deal on the Eucris. But, it's no good. I have seen some people report having good luck with this. Maybe it is something different about their water. Maybe they have magic shaving brushes. Or, maybe GFT simply has quality control issues. I don't know what the problem is. I do know that this soap has been relegated to use as hand soap, and I have a puck of vintage tallow The Art of Shaving Sandalwood residing in the Eucris bowl.

    Robert T.
    Lousy lather

    Tried numerous times to get a good lather out of this soap with no success. More water, less water nothing worked. Switched to a different soap and had no problem. I now use it as a hand soap. Would not recommend.