Merkur 23C Long-Handled Safety Razor - Polished Chrome Finish

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  • Long handle for enhanced balance, control and comfort in bigger hands

  • Non-slip knurling on the handle prevents slippage in wet, soapy hands
  • Lightweight construction provides helpful, tactile feedback for every pass

  • Total Length: 4.0 in | Weight: 1.76 oz | Razor Type: 3-Piece, Closed Comb

  • Complete your Shaving Set Up:
    RoyalShave Add-On Safety Razor Set
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 60 reviews
    I am new to wet

    I am new to wet shaving and trying new items. This razor is good but the handle is a little thin for my taste.

    First safety razor

    Went to Art of Shaving to get a feel for some razors. Most felt awkwardly short for my hands like I wouldn't know how to grip them. This one felt great. Handle is on the thinner side, but the length was welcomed. I have fairly long and thin hands. The shave seems good and easy to use, but my skin does dry out more than I remembered with a mach 3 (hadn't shaved on five years). Only concern is finding a holder with the long handle!

    very enjoyable purchase. money well-spent

    changed over to de blade shaving, as my skin is becoming more sensitive, and i was consistently getting multiple nicks, even if i shaved right after a shower. with the purchase of this razor, no more nicks, just a very smooth shave.
    this is a three-piece razor. remember to "squeeze, the head,(BY THE SIDES), to dis-engage the head from the handle. i overlooked this as it was not mentioned anywhere to do this, and i was ready to send razor back to vendor a a defective razor.
    also i suggest a drop of barber blade oil after each shaving session, to prevent rust on head mount nubs. an issue some people have found is this part of the razor tends to rust over time. keep dry and lubed. another thing do not keep unused razor blades in a moist environment, such as the bathroom. keep them some place dry like the bedroom

    No more disposables

    My husband and I both use these, and I've given two as gifts. Very sturdy (I've dropped it a few times in the shower!) and comfortable in your hand. No more wasting money on plastic razors that don't work and create trash.. Highly recommended!

    love this shaver!

    Okay, I went back to the old fashioned kind of shaver a few years ago, and these shavers give closer shaves than all those 3, 4, or 5 blade kinds… AND have no plastic, I’m not adding to the mega plastic waste destroying out ecosystem. I can just replace the blade. I bought this longer handle one because I am shaving my legs and the longer handle makes that easier. And the guide on the shaver is angled perfectly so no cuts or nicks!