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Derby Extra Super Stainless Double Edge Blades, 5-Pack

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SKU: 409-010-01
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Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades are made from high quality stainless steel. These blades are deposited with chromium, ceramic, tungsten, and platinum, and are polymer coated. Derby Extra blades are a great value for a high quality razor blade. Made in Turkey.

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Customer Reviews

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Fred Jonas
I guess.

They're double edge razor blades. It's hard to imagine one brand would be different from any other. And these pretty much aren't. Of course there's variability between one particular blade and another, but on average, they're all about the same. A blade lasts for maybe 5-10 shaves before my informal way of sharpening them doesn't work as well any more, and I move onto the next blade. But it's a huge bonus that Royal Shave had these blades on sale for almost 75% off. You can't beat that!

Michael E.

Good fill in blade for the cost. I use them every other shave.

Great Blades

I've tried many brands over the years such as, Astra, Feather, Wilkinson, Gillette, Shark and a few others I can't recall but always come back to Derby's. It's the only blade where I don't get nicked, even with a more aggressive razor. I currently use these in my Shave Craft 101 SS razor and the Edwin Jagger DE 89 Chrome razor and always achieve excellent results.

Stephen D.
Great Blades

Have been using the Derby Extra Super for about 6 months. I get more shaves per blade out of these than any other I've used. Blades are sharp and give a real close shave.

Perform according to price

I received a pack of the blades in a sample set. The first blade that I ever used was the Merkur blade that came with my DE. I didn't realize how much I liked this blade until I replaced it with a Derby from my kit. Over all not a bad blade per se. Definitely not as sharp as the others I've used and because of this lasted about half the time or less than specifically the Merkur blade before dullness started causing irritation. I don't have an extremely thick beard and one Merkur blade lasted me over a month shaving about 3-4 times a week. The Derby has made it about 1 week in total. Not sure if the price makes up for the any difference due to the usage time being so much shorter. Still better than any cartridge I've ever used, however.

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