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Bic Chrome Platinum Double Edge Blades

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SKU: 409-022-01
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Bic Chrome Platinum Double Edge Blades are made of the finest stainless steel. Each blade is triple honed with a platinum coating and imported from Greece. Each pack consists of 5 individual blades.

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Customer Reviews

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Monday 3.
Meh-- Have Used Better

Tried a couple I had from a sampler when I ran out of my personal Gold Standards: Wilkinson Sword. Felt like I was using a really old, used blade right out of the box--twice. FWIW, I have an average Caucasian beard & skin and use a Merkur 34C with H.I.S. Shave Oil (AMAZING stuff if you haven't tried it yet..!) and have done well with Feather, WS, and Gillette Platinum. Hope it's a worthwhile data point in your search for perfection.

Willis Tisdale
Much better than their disposable!

I too was hesitant to buy the Bic double edge blade. My experience with their disposable razors made me think they should stick with ball point pens and cigarette lighters. I was pleasantly surprised when I found them to be the best DE blade I have used so far! I'll stick with Bic and will throw in a Shark every now and then. Great blades at a good price.

DC Jones
One of the more underrated blades out there

Manufactured by the same company that brings us disposable shavers and inexpensive ball points. I was a bit skeptical with I first tried this blade, not knowing what to expect, but found it to be an able performer in a 38C. However, I'm now using them in my Pils DE razor, and they give an outstanding shave. I'm able to get 4 shaves out of one, which for me is pretty good. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the Bic and will be stocking up. Pils owners might consider picking up a pack and giving them a try.

Awesome Blade!!

I almost didn't bother trying this blade. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much. Wow was I wrong :) Very smooth shave. Much like a Shark, Gillette Platinum or Kai. Each blade will work different for some though. I've read that some don't like this blade. This one for me work great! Better than Blue Bird and Gillette 7 0 clock stainless IMHO. :)

Poor first impression

Found one very clearly bent blade in the box alongside four flat and straight. This was probably not a shipping error. Not impressed by closeness of the shave. Wasn't expecting much, and didn't get much either.

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