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How to Shave with Dry Skin

If you’re working with dry skin, you know how uncomfortable it can be sometimes. It can be difficult to know how to navigate, but the good news is that you’re not alone in this battle. Integrating a shaving routine with dry skin may be even more difficult. You may feel like your already dry skin feels even tighter and drier after you shave. There’s many reasons why this happens. If you want to find out why and resolve your issue, than keep on reading to see our top solutions to a more comfortable shave with dry skin.

Why is My Skin Drier After Shaving?

The reasons for your skin to feel tight largely depend on your predisposition skin type and what type of products you are using on your skin. If you’re using shaving products that aren’t right for your skin type, then it’s not going to react nicely. Choosing the wrong skincare and shaving routine can contribute to feelings of tight skin. If you’re dry shaving, this can exasperate your skin condition. Keeping your skin clean and moist before shaving is integral, while gently exfoliating can lift hairs ensuring you get a smoother, more comfortable shave.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated While Shaving

1. Start with a Clean and Smooth Base

It’s important to wash and exfoliate your face gently before shaving. This removes any dead skin you already have on your face that can be an obstacle to a smooth shave. Make sure that the facial cleanser that you’re using is formulated with ingredients that don’t irritate your skin. One like Zeus Charcoal Daily Face Wash contains vanilla to soothe the skin and lock in hydration. Shaving right after or inside your shower also helps as this is when your skin and hair will be the softest, allowing for less damage to dry skin.

2. Use Less Pressure When Shaving

It can be tempting, but remember that it is your razor that is mostly responsible for shaving your face, not your hand. Invest in a quality safety razor and allow the weight of it to apply the right amount of pressure naturally. You can find a selection of Safety Razors here, there’s options enough for beginners and experts alike.

3Use Hydrating Shaving Products

Throw away any ideas you have about using the stuff that comes in the can. Shaving creams and gels that come from aerosol cans actually contain chemicals that dry out your skin in the long run. Opt for jarred shaving products like Royal Shave Premium Shaving Cream, which contains hydrating ingredients like Coconut Acid to create a supple glide against your skin. These will help your skin stay healthy and flake free, long after the shave is completed.

4. Use The Right Post-Shave skincare

Traditional alcohol based aftershaves has its place, but this might not be the best choice if you’re struggling with dry skin. Alcohol, along with its antiseptic properties can actually exacerbate any dryness. If you’re looking to avoid that, try a moisturizing product like an Aftershave Balm. This combines the antibacterial and healing properties of a traditional aftershave with the hydrating properties of a balm. Look for ones that have a water based formula for its easy absorption into the skin.

Shaving with dry skin doesn’t have to be a drag if you follow these easy steps. Keep calm and shave on.

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