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Our New Website is Live! + Reset Your Passwords!

New Website If you’ve gone to our family of websites (,,, and over the past few days, you might have noticed things look a little different. We’ve been working hard over the past few months to streamline your shopping experience, so you can spend less time finding what you want and discovering new great products. So if you’re looking for a specific safety razor, for instance, you can now filter by price, manufacturer, construction, and type. Here's an example: New Website2 You’ll notice our new look is more clean and minimal, with user navigation that’s intuitive. Each product now has a Quick View option so you can see quick specs and shop without leaving the page you’re on, and can be added to a Comparison List so you can see products side by side before buying. We’ve also added a handy Wishlist option for those special items you’d like to “suggest” to friends and family. As the cherry on top, our family of websites is responsive, which means every page will look good whether you view it on a laptop or on your smartphone. So to sum it up:
  • Advanced filters
  • Key features at a glance
  • More intuitive user navigation
  • Huge, high-resolution photos
  • Responsive design
Important: We’re running on a new platform now! The new website will require you to reset your password so your reward points can be saved in your account. Please reset your password here: Since our customers are our ultimate priority, we encourage you to poke around at the new site and let us know how you like it! Feel free to send us compliments, questions, and any other thoughts you have. Untitled-1
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