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998366_268663883274460_1117646006_n We stopped by the Pomades headquarters and had a great time viewing all the different hair care products they carry. Pomades imports new and unique brands from all over the world. We had a great time sitting down and asking the creative genius some questions. Where is Pomades Located? Orange County, CA When did you start this brand? launched in mid-2002 When did you realize you wanted to do this? I checked Facebook one day and one of my friends said something like, “Anyone know where I can copy some pomade?” and a light went off that there aren’t too many options that are quick and easy. What are some of your favorite brands? It’s hard to choose because we carry a lot of brands, but one of our first was Geo F Trumper Blue Hair Pomade. Where can readers buy your product? They can view and purchase our products on Also check out and What do you believe makes a quality Pomade? It’s about what it does for you. It’s got to make you look good, smell good and feel good. What advice do you have for Pomade users? Experiment with different hairstyles and pomades. You may currently like one style or pomade, but we recommend giving some other ones a try. Also, mixing them into a little cocktail also works so if you like the hold of one, and the scent of another – throw them together! Where can readers find out more about you and your work? You can visit us at or stop by our office in Costa Mesa, CA. We’ll be happy to meet you and pass along some pomade samples.


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