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Infographic: The Top Reasons Why Men Shave

The hipster beard is not becoming obsolete anytime soon - despite constant discussion of whether or not we’ve hit “peak beard” – yet a staggering 90% of men still shave at least once a day. That means that more often than not, you’ll find a clean-faced chap greeting you at the coffee shop, or helping you out at the bank. And it’s not just for convenience or to look corporate friendly – according to the following infographic, shaving can boost all aspects of your life, from feeling more confident to performing better at sports to being more attractive to the ladies. Shaving regularly can literally make you look better, too. Shaving exfoliates skin and removes dead skin cells, so you look dashing no matter what your age. The list of reasons why you should shave continues below, but let’s not forget the heritage aspect. Wet shaving inducts you into the fold of an incredible wet shaving community. And admittedly, it’s a great feeling when you can lather up just like your father and grandfather did and handle that razor with discipline and finesse. Enjoy! Top Reasons Why Men Shave - By Untitled-1
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